Indian Wicketkeeper-Batsman Sanju Samson Graces Rajinikanth’s Movie Premiere in Dublin

An unexpected spectacle unfolded in Dublin, Ireland, as Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Sanju Samson took center stage at the premiere of Rajinikanth’s latest cinematic offering, “Jailer.” Currently accompanying the Indian cricket team in Ireland for a dynamic three-match T20I series, Samson assumed the esteemed role of guest of honor at the premiere event.

During the thrilling second T20I showdown between India and Ireland at The Village on August 20, the cricketing realm was abuzz with this delightful surprise. The revelation of Samson’s presence at the premiere was initially unveiled by former Irish cricketer and seasoned commentator Niall O’Brien. O’Brien disclosed that Samson received a personal invitation from none other than the legendary Rajinikanth himself. Furthermore, he underscored Samson’s profound admiration for the iconic actor, indicating the cricketer’s genuine status as an ardent fan.

Despite his youthful 28 years, Samson’s deep-rooted respect for Rajinikanth has been manifest on previous occasions. He has openly voiced his fondness for the actor. In the early months of 2023, Samson had the privilege of visiting Rajinikanth at his renowned residence in Chennai’s esteemed Poes Garden. Sharing his experience, Samson enthusiastically took to social media to recount the memorable encounter.

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Significantly, Samson played a pivotal role for India in the second T20I match, contributing an impressive 40 runs from 26 deliveries. His performance was instrumental in securing India’s resounding victory by a commanding margin of 33 runs, effectively sealing the series triumph.

Anticipation mounts as the cricketing world eagerly awaits the climactic conclusion of the T20I series, with the third and final encounter between India and Ireland scheduled for August 23 at The Village in the vibrant city of Dublin.