Former Pakistani captain Rashid Latif has shared his perspective on the selection and strategic challenges that have plagued the Indian white-ball cricket team over the last year.

Under the joint leadership of captain Rohit Sharma and head coach Rahul Dravid, the team’s management has come under intense scrutiny for their handling of player selection and roles in the lead-up to the 2023 World Cup. With just a mere two months left until the tournament, India finds itself grappling with uncertainty over the best playing XI, primary team selections, and backup options.

The narrative surrounding Virat Kohli’s captaincy, including his removal as ODI captain in late 2021, remains a prominent topic of discussion. Rashid Latif, a former cricketer from Pakistan, believes that the confusion and inconsistency in player choices under Rohit Sharma’s leadership could have been avoided had the BCCI not taken away Kohli’s role as ODI skipper.

During a candid interview with the Cricket Baaz Youtube channel, Rashid Latif remarked, “The Indian team management’s frequent tinkering with various players, particularly within the middle order from positions 4 to 7, has prevented any newcomer from establishing stability due to the constant changes. Had Virat Kohli been allowed to continue as captain, India would likely have been thoroughly prepared for the World Cup by this stage.”

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Rashid Latif also shared his insights on the forthcoming World Cup. He expressed his view that Asian teams could face challenges in matching the performance of teams like Australia and England, particularly during the middle overs of matches. Latif believes that Asian teams lack the innovative shot-making abilities required to effectively counter spin bowlers in these pivotal overs.

“In the middle overs, which demand a swift scoring rate even in 50-over matches, Asian teams might find it difficult to keep up with sides like England, Australia, and New Zealand. Batsmen from these countries have adeptly incorporated techniques like reverse sweeps and switch hits against spinners, making them formidable weapons in modern cricket,” he stated.

Latif also delved into the divergent bowling approaches, noting that bowlers such as Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali excel at taking wickets, while Asian spinners tend to prioritize economical bowling. He concluded by underscoring the competitiveness of the impending World Cup, emphasizing that the tournament’s location in India might not confer a distinct advantage upon Asian teams.

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