Recent Development: Pakistan Cricket Players Reject Extended Central Contracts Amidst Digital Rights Dispute

In a recent twist, Pakistani cricket players have opted out of committing to long-term central contracts offered by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). This decision arises from an ongoing disagreement centered around the sale of players’ licensed digital rights, a pivotal issue causing friction between the players and the governing body.

Following the culmination of their previous central contracts on June 30, the national team players have chosen not to endorse new agreements put forth by the PCB. The core concern of the players revolves around their involvement and compensation in the sale of digital rights, a matter currently within the jurisdiction of the PCB.

As per a source quoted by PTI, “The players’ perspective is that other cricket boards either abstain from engaging in the sale of players’ digital rights/NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or have established proper agreements with them for revenue sharing from this avenue.”

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At present, the PCB generates revenue by providing digital rights for multi-nation events organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). Additionally, the board also gains from the sale of players’ digital rights linked to the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

“The PCB does allocate a portion of the digital rights sales to the players, but they perceive it to be inadequate,” the source explained.

“Despite the board almost doubling the monthly central contract retainers and increasing match fees, the players seek a larger share from the proceeds of their digital rights sales, as well as an augmented portion from the board’s earnings derived from the sale of broadcasting rights,” the source concluded.

In response to the players’ apprehensions, a senior PCB official is reportedly stationed in Sri Lanka, where Pakistan is scheduled to play three ODIs against Afghanistan. The PCB representative aims to engage in discussions with senior players with the intention of reaching a mutually agreeable resolution.”

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