In recent events, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) attracted considerable online attention for releasing a video that showcased the rich history of Pakistan cricket and highlighted iconic players from its past. Nonetheless, fans were left disheartened as the video omitted the name of former Pakistan captain, Imran Khan. This omission led to widespread criticism directed at the board.

It’s worth noting that Imran Khan, who is currently serving a three-year prison term due to corruption charges, had famously led Pakistan to their first and only ODI World Cup victory in 1992. As a revered and significant personality in Pakistan cricket, his absence in the video caused a stir among fans.

In response to mounting appeals from individuals like Wasim Akram and the growing discontent among fans, the PCB, under the leadership of Zaka Ashraf, eventually rectified the situation by releasing an updated video featuring Imran Khan. While fans welcomed this correction, the PCB’s initial explanation for the exclusion further fueled criticism.

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Ironically, this plea for inclusion ended up having unintended consequences for Wasim Akram. The former left-arm Pakistani seamer was conspicuously absent from the revised video.

Wasim Akram is now gearing up to contribute to the commentary panel for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023.