• 4 October 2023
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Women’s One Day International (ODI) cricket has witnessed remarkable bowling talents over the years. Bowling plays a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of matches, and these bowlers have consistently made their mark by taking the most wickets. In this article, we’ll celebrate the top 10 bowlers with the most wickets in Women’s ODI cricket.

1. Jhulan Goswami – 225 Wickets

India’s Fast Bowling Legend

Jhulan Goswami, hailing from India, tops the list with a staggering 225 wickets. Her relentless pace and consistency have made her one of the all-time greats in women’s cricket.

2. Charlotte Edwards – 180 Wickets

England’s Captain Marvel

Charlotte Edwards, the former England captain, is second on the list with 180 wickets. Her incredible leadership and ability to pick crucial wickets were instrumental in England’s success.

3. Anisa Mohammed – 182 Wickets

West Indies’ Spin Sensation

Anisa Mohammed, the West Indies off-spinner, holds the third position with 182 wickets. Her spin wizardry has troubled batsmen worldwide.

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4. Neetu David – 141 Wickets

India’s Left-Arm Spin Maestro

Neetu David, an Indian left-arm spinner, is fourth on the list with 141 wickets. Her ability to turn the ball sharply has often left batswomen baffled.

5. Lisa Sthalekar – 146 Wickets

Australia’s All-Round Ace

Lisa Sthalekar, an Australian all-rounder, secured the fifth spot with 146 wickets. Her dual abilities with both bat and ball made her a valuable asset.

6. Ellyse Perry – 151 Wickets

Australia’s Cricket Prodigy

Ellyse Perry, another Australian, is sixth on the list with 151 wickets. Perry’s ability to swing the ball and her incredible athleticism have made her a modern-day cricket sensation.

7. Katherine Brunt – 150 Wickets

England’s Fiery Pacer

Katherine Brunt, known for her fiery pace and aggression, occupies the seventh position with 150 wickets. She has been a match-winner for England on numerous occasions.

8. Jenny Gunn – 136 Wickets

England’s Versatile All-Rounder

Jenny Gunn, an English all-rounder, is eighth on the list with 136 wickets. Her ability to contribute with both bat and ball has been pivotal for England.

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9. Shabnim Ismail – 146 Wickets

South Africa’s Fast Bowling Sensation

Shabnim Ismail, the South African speedster, holds the ninth position with 146 wickets. Her raw pace and ability to generate movement have been a constant threat.

10. Lisa Keightley – 100 Wickets

Australia’s Spin Maestro

Lisa Keightley, an Australian off-spinner, rounds off the top 10 with 100 wickets. Her accurate spin bowling has been instrumental in Australia’s success.

These bowlers have not only taken a significant number of wickets but have also contributed to the growth and popularity of women’s ODI cricket. Their skills and dedication have inspired countless aspiring cricketers worldwide.


1. Who holds the record for the most wickets in Women’s ODI cricket?

A: Jhulan Goswami from India holds the record with 225 wickets.

2. Are there any active bowlers close to breaking into the top 10 list?

A: Several active bowlers are closing in on the top 10, showcasing the competitiveness in women’s cricket.

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3. Which country has produced the most prolific female bowlers in ODI cricket?

A: India, Australia, and England have consistently produced some of the best female bowlers in ODI cricket.

4. Do these bowlers have records in other formats of the game as well?

A: Many of these bowlers have impressive records in T20Is and Test cricket, highlighting their all-round skills.