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In the world of cricket, partnerships are crucial for a team’s success. While most discussions revolve around the top-order batsmen and their impressive partnerships, the 10th wicket partnerships often get overlooked. These moments of resilience and determination at the tail-end can turn the tide of a match and leave a lasting impact on the game’s history. In this article, we will explore the 10 best highest 10th wicket partnerships in One Day International (ODI) cricket.

Introduction: Celebrating the Underdogs

Cricket enthusiasts often celebrate the heroics of top-order batsmen, but it’s equally important to acknowledge the remarkable feats achieved by the tail-enders. The 10th wicket partnerships in ODIs are a testament to the fighting spirit of these players who refused to give up even when the odds were stacked against them.

The Pioneers – A Look Back in History

Before delving into the list of the top 10 highest 10th wicket partnerships in ODIs, let’s take a moment to appreciate the pioneers who laid the foundation for such remarkable achievements.

The Top 10 Highest 10th Wicket Partnerships in ODIs

1. South Africa vs. Pakistan, 1998

In a thrilling encounter, South Africa’s Pat Symcox and Mark Boucher combined for an astonishing 195 runs against Pakistan. This partnership remains one of the most memorable moments in ODI history.

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2. England vs. India, 2002

England’s Alex Tudor and Andrew Caddick showed incredible grit and determination by putting together a partnership of 104 runs against India. Their resilience helped England secure an unlikely victory.

3. Zimbabwe vs. New Zealand, 2012

Tatenda Taibu and Kyle Jarvis of Zimbabwe stunned New Zealand with their partnership of 107 runs. It was a remarkable display of skill and determination from the Zimbabwean tail-enders.

4. Bangladesh vs. West Indies, 2018

Bangladesh’s Mashrafe Mortaza and Mustafizur Rahman surprised everyone with their 99-run partnership against the West Indies. This partnership played a crucial role in Bangladesh’s victory.

5. Sri Lanka vs. India, 2009

Sri Lanka’s Thilan Thushara and Lasith Malinga showcased their batting skills with a partnership of 96 runs against India. Their contribution helped Sri Lanka secure a vital win.

6. Australia vs. England, 1983

In a match that showcased the unpredictability of cricket, Australia’s Kim Hughes and Rodney Hogg put on a show with their 85-run partnership against England.

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7. Pakistan vs. India, 1986

Despite being on the losing side, Pakistan’s Tauseef Ahmed and Imran Khan displayed their tenacity by forming a 77-run partnership against arch-rivals India.

8. New Zealand vs. Australia, 2017

Kane Williamson and Trent Boult of New Zealand astonished everyone with their partnership of 73 runs against Australia. It was a remarkable display of courage.

9. West Indies vs. Pakistan, 1992

West Indies’ Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh’s partnership of 57 runs against Pakistan was a true spectacle. They almost pulled off a remarkable victory.

10. India vs. England, 2017

In a dramatic turn of events, India’s Hardik Pandya and Umesh Yadav stunned England with their 50-run partnership. It was a thrilling match that showcased the unpredictable nature of ODI cricket.

Conclusion: Celebrating Resilience and Determination

While top-order partnerships are often celebrated, the 10th wicket partnerships in ODIs deserve their moment in the spotlight. These partnerships, marked by resilience and determination, have the power to change the course of a match and leave a lasting legacy in the world of cricket.

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1. Which team holds the record for the highest 10th wicket partnership in ODIs?

  • South Africa holds the record with a 195-run partnership against Pakistan in 1998.

2. How often do 10th wicket partnerships lead to victory?

  • While rare, 10th wicket partnerships have led to victories in ODIs, showcasing the unpredictable nature of cricket.

3. Who are some notable 10th wicket partnerships in recent years?

  • Notable recent partnerships include Bangladesh’s Mortaza and Rahman against the West Indies in 2018 and India’s Pandya and Yadav against England in 2017.

4. What is the key to a successful 10th wicket partnership?

  • Determination, communication, and a never-give-up attitude are crucial for a successful 10th wicket partnership.

5. Are there any instances of 10th wicket partnerships in Test cricket?

  • Yes, there have been remarkable 10th wicket partnerships in Test cricket as well, with some even leading to victories.