The cricket world is going through a change with Virat Kohli stepping down as the T20I captain of the Indian cricket team. His retirement from the format, as suggested by some analysts, has sparked a debate among cricket enthusiasts. Is it a smart move to drop one of the most successful and consistent players in T20Is from the team? This question is of grave importance as India looks to regain its glory in the international cricket sphere. This article offers three compelling reasons why dropping Virat Kohli from T20Is will be a blunder.

1. Kohli’s Proven Track Record and Experience:

Virat Kohli, a name that echoes greatness and consistency, holds a phenomenal record in T20I cricket. He stands as one of only three players who have crossed the 3000 run mark in T20 international cricket. His experience and ability to handle pressure situations are invaluable for the team. Kohli’s average of 50.72 and a strike-rate of 137.94 in T20Is attest to his consistent performance. Over the years, Kohli has proven to be a pivot around which the batting order revolves, with his impeccable ability to rotate the strike and score briskly when required.

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2. Kohli Needs Game Time to Regain Form:

It’s no secret that Kohli has been going through a rough patch in terms of form. However, his form slump is not a reason enough to drop him from the squad. Quite contrary, it’s a reason to provide him with more opportunities in the field. Great players often require game time to regain their touch and Kohli is no different. His records testify to his abilities and potential; he just needs time to break free from his lean phase.

3. Dropping Kohli Could Further Dent His Confidence:

The pressure of being an international cricketer is immense and that too, if you’re a player of Kohli’s caliber. His current batting woes are more a matter of confidence than technique. He has shown signs of nervousness and tentativeness in recent matches. Dropping him from the team at this stage could further impact his confidence negatively. Considering the upcoming T20 World Cup, it’s important for India to back Kohli and give him the needed support to regain his lost form and confidence.

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In conclusion, dropping Virat Kohli from the T20I format is not a wise move. His track record, the need for game time to regain form, and the importance of supporting him during this low phase provide strong reasons against such a decision. His role in the team goes beyond his performances; his experience and ability to mentor the younger players are of equal importance. As we have seen in the past, form is temporary, but class is permanent, and Kohli is a class player who can bounce back stronger than ever.