The Afghanistan cricket team, under the leadership of Hashmatullah Shahidi, made history with their first-ever One Day International (ODI) victory over Pakistan, breaking a seven-match losing streak.

This defeat came at a critical juncture for Pakistan, having previously suffered losses to India and Australia after two initial wins. A win was imperative for Pakistan to regain momentum, but instead, Afghanistan delivered a stunning performance, leaving Pakistan with three losses in five matches. This situation leaves Pakistan with no room for further mistakes; they must secure victories in all of their remaining four matches to maintain their chances of reaching the semi-finals in the 2023 World Cup.

For Afghanistan, this win is a moment of immense joy and significance. Not only is it their first-ever ODI victory over Pakistan, but it also marks their third win in ODI World Cup history. Their previous victory was against England in Delhi. In the 2019 World Cup, they failed to secure a single win, and in the 2015 World Cup, they managed only one victory, against Scotland. Mohammad Nabi, a key player in all three wins, declared this victory over Pakistan as their most cherished achievement.

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The Afghanistan team celebrated their historic win with great fervor. They took a victory lap at the Chepauk ground, and the crowd in Chennai gave them a standing ovation as a token of their appreciation. Later, while traveling from the stadium to the hotel, the Afghanistan players continued their celebration by dancing to Shah Rukh Khan’s popular song, “Lungi Dance.” Rashid Khan, Noor Ahmad, and other team members were seen reveling in the moment, embracing the joy of their victory.

The video capturing their lively celebration inside their team bus quickly went viral, embodying the essence of their success and the jubilation of their fans.

Veteran all-rounder Mohammad Nabi expressed the significance of this victory for Afghanistan. He emphasized that this win holds a special place in their hearts, particularly after having suffered seven losses to Pakistan, including a few close encounters. Nabi noted, “It’s a big moment for the whole team, but also the entire nation of Afghanistan. We’ve been waiting for this for the last 10-12 years. We’ve played around eight games against Pakistan, and we won one in a significant event. It’s a substantial achievement for all of us. Over the last three months, we’ve been working hard, participating in series against Pakistan, the Asia Cup, and now the World Cup. Today is a special moment. We defeated England and now Pakistan. The team is brimming with confidence. They know that scoring around 280-290 on surfaces like these is defendable and chaseable. I believe this is our favorite win, especially against Pakistan.”

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