Dear Glenn Maxwell,

It’s a rare sight to witness Indians cheering for an Australian making waves at the Wankhede. Yet, times change, and so does the admiration for someone who defies almost insurmountable odds to stay on the field and eventually shatter the norms with a phenomenal performance.

So, why are Indians ecstatic about it? Cricket holds an unparalleled place in India, and what you achieved there is nothing short of extraordinary. Why? Playing with a back spasm, dealing with an injured hamstring, and barely able to move – it’s defying the odds on an astronomical scale.

Glenn Maxwell stepped up to bat when the team was in dire straits. When I say dire, they were practically nonexistent. They never believed they could make it, and another historic upset seemed imminent. If only they had known what awaited them.

When Pat Cummins joined in, I’m unsure about the conversation between you two, Glenn Maxwell, but what was evident was his commitment to enduring a marathon night, hanging in there no matter what. You, on the other hand, were supposed to bring the fire, fury, and magic to the Wankhede, come hell or high waters.

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It took a while. It took immense pain. It took overcoming a mountain of impossibilities, more than one can fathom in the physical realm on this planet, yet you stood there like a titan, facing stones from all directions.

You stood there like a hero enduring physical pain and mental fear. Yet, you stood. You stood there like Atlas, knowing the world’s fate rested on your shoulders. You stood there like Perseus, aware that not even the Gods could stop you. You stood there like a young Zeus ready to confront his father, Kronos.

You were the true embodiment of a mindset that never knew how to stop. The shots you played last night seemed like child’s play, yet even with minimal cricket knowledge, one could say they were no ordinary shots. Such brute force can only come from the Gods’ wrists, and such impeccable timing on those down-the-ground hits, such classic smashing into every nook and cranny of the park, could only come from the Hulk, yet here you were delivering it all.

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Maxi, oh Maxi, I was truly amazed by what I saw last night. Believe me, I still can’t believe you pulled off what seemed to be an incredible victory for the Aussies. I never will. But you know what I will believe? I will believe that you were meant to carve history. Such extraterrestrial feats can only come from someone who doesn’t know how to stop.

Cricket has taught me about life, and honestly, you taught me once again to believe. Thank you, Maxi, for the full-blown entertainment. I will never forget the 7th of November.

Yours sincerely,

A crazy cricket fan