Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma made a significant impact on social media with her concise four-word response to Virat Kohli’s extraordinary century against Pakistan on a recent Monday. Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli delivered an exceptional performance during an important Super 4 match in the 2023 Asia Cup, reaffirming his reputation as one of the sport’s premier talents.

Kohli, who amassed 122 runs from just 94 deliveries, partnered with KL Rahul to establish a record-breaking partnership, leading India to an imposing total of 356 runs for the loss of only two wickets. This exceptional performance marked Kohli’s 47th century in One Day Internationals (ODIs) and saw him cross the milestone of 13,000 ODI runs.

Following this stellar innings, Anushka Sharma took to her Instagram account to shower praise on her husband with a simple yet heartfelt message:

“Super knock, super guy.”

Her Instagram story quickly went viral, capturing the hearts of fans who admire the couple’s unwavering support for each other. This wasn’t the first time that Anushka had caused a stir on social media with her endearing posts about Virat Kohli. Whether standing by him during challenging times or celebrating his triumphs with unbridled enthusiasm, Anushka consistently demonstrates her role as a perfect partner.

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In this article, we revisit five instances where Anushka Sharma shared touching posts about Virat Kohli:

  1. Anushka’s Post After MCG Heroics: Last year, Virat Kohli played a pivotal role in India’s thrilling victory over Pakistan at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, scoring an unbeaten 82 runs in a chase of 160. Following this memorable match, Anushka shared her exuberance on social media, mentioning how their daughter, Vamika, would one day understand the significance of her mother’s jubilation:”… One day she will understand that her dad played his best innings that night, which followed after a phase that was tough on him but he came out of it stronger and wiser than ever before! ‘So proud of you !! Your strength is contagious, and you my love, are LIMITLESS!! Love you forever and through thick and thin.'”
  2. Anushka’s Post After Kohli’s Comeback to Form: After enduring a challenging phase in his cricketing career, Virat Kohli made a triumphant return to form by scoring his 71st century against Afghanistan. Anushka celebrated this achievement by sharing Virat’s post-century celebration photos on her official Instagram handle, along with a heartfelt message:”Forever with you through any and everything.”
  3. Anushka’s Cryptic Post Amidst Rift Rumors with Rohit: Following India’s defeat in the ICC World Cup 2019, rumors swirled about a rift between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Anushka put an end to these speculations by posting a cryptic message that read:”A wise man once said Nothing. Only truth can shake hands with silence in a mess of false appearances.”
  4. Anushka’s Post for Kohli After He Stepped Down from Test Captaincy: When Virat Kohli announced his decision to step down from the position of Test captain, it was an emotional moment for cricket fans. Anushka shared her thoughts on this significant moment via Instagram, reminiscing about Kohli’s journey:”I remember the day in 2014 when you told me that you have been made the captain as MS had decided to retire from test cricket… I’ve seen growth. Immense growth. Around you and within you. And yes, I am very proud of your growth as the captain of the Indian National Cricket team and what achievements the team had under your leadership. But I’m more proud of the growth you achieved within you.”
  5. Anushka’s Post for Kohli on Their Wedding Anniversaries: Anushka commemorated her first wedding anniversary with Kohli by sharing a heartfelt message:”It’s heaven, when you don’t sense time passing by… It’s heaven, when you marry a good ‘man’…”On their fifth wedding anniversary, she posted a series of pictures celebrating their journey together:”What better day than today to post these lovely pictures to celebrate us, my love!”
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Anushka Sharma’s unwavering support and love for Virat Kohli continue to inspire fans and serve as a testament to their enduring bond.