It appears there may be a misunderstanding or typo in your statement. Assuming you meant “baseball” instead of “bazball”, and that you are asking for a response or interpretation of this hypothetical statement made by cricketer Ishan Kishan, here’s an example:

Indian cricketer Ishan Kishan has sparked a minor controversy with his recent comments about baseball, taking what some are interpreting as a sharp dig at England. In a post-match interview, Kishan said, “Baseball is interesting, but only on flat pitches.”

In cricket, unlike baseball, the nature of the pitch can significantly impact the game. A flat pitch often favours batsmen and results in high-scoring games, while a pitch with more variation can help the bowlers. Kishan’s comment may be seen as a critique of baseball’s simplicity in comparison to cricket, which may be interpreted as a slight to countries like England where cricket is more popular than baseball. This comment could also suggest that he believes baseball might not be as engaging or challenging if it was played on a pitch with the type of variations found in cricket.

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Keep in mind that this is only one interpretation. Without more context, it’s hard to say exactly what Kishan meant by his comment.