The ICC World Cup 2023 is just around the corner, with India set to host the tournament in a week’s time. As of now, five out of the nine participating teams, excluding the host nation, have already arrived in India, and the remaining teams are expected to touch down in the country within the next day or two. While cricket experts have widely touted India as the favorites to clinch the title on home soil, England’s Test captain, Ben Stokes, believes that the Three Lions are more than capable of defending their championship.

England secured their maiden fifty-over World Cup victory in a breathtaking final showdown against New Zealand back in 2019, a match often hailed as one of the greatest World Cup finals ever played. Stokes, who recently made a surprising return to the ODI squad, expressed his unwavering confidence in England’s abilities. He boldly stated that England has the potential to join the elite ranks of teams, such as West Indies and Australia, that have successfully defended their World Cup titles.

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Stokes conveyed, “I don’t wish to come across as arrogant, but our team is exceptionally strong, and we have every chance of retaining the title. What sets us apart is our wealth of experience in high-pressure matches. While T20 cricket has rapidly gained popularity, the feeling of donning your country’s jersey and performing on a global stage with billions watching is incomparable.”

It’s noteworthy that Stokes had previously retired from ODI cricket last year but has made a sensational comeback to the team for the ICC World Cup 2023. He left an indelible mark with a remarkable innings, scoring 182 runs off 124 balls against New Zealand in a recent bilateral series, signaling his readiness to take on the world’s best once more.