Brendon McCullum’s Horse Named After Ben Stokes Is Set To Make His Debut

In a remarkable fusion of sport and equestrian pursuits, former New Zealand cricketer and current England Test coach, Brendon McCullum, is preparing to debut a racehorse named after England Test captain, Ben Stokes. Known for his passion for horse breeding, McCullum teamed up with seasoned horse trainer, Kurtis Pertab, to breed this promising three-year-old gelding.

In a tribute to the camaraderie between the two cricketing icons, McCullum’s horse, aptly named ‘Ben Stokes’, is set to make his racing debut on Thursday, July 13, at Cambridge in New Zealand. The naming gesture reflects McCullum’s admiration for the England cricket captain, establishing a unique bond between cricket and horse racing that fans from both sides will find appealing.

Brendon McCullum’s Horse Named After Ben Stokes Is Set To Make His Debut

As the debut race looms, trainer Kurtis Pertab has been upbeat about the horse’s progress. After encouraging trial runs, he expressed optimism about bringing ‘Ben Stokes’ into the official race. “Hopefully we can get a win for him, it is a bit of pressure for a maidener,” Pertab told LoveRacing NZ.

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Though the horse’s future performance will ultimately be influenced by race-day experience and the ability to withstand race-day pressure, the gelding’s trials have provided promising indications of his potential. Pertab noted that the horse has trained well since his trials and should perform commendably on his debut.

Stokes, the namesake of the horse, was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, and grew up there until the age of 12, when he moved with his family to England. Since then, he has carved out a formidable reputation in international cricket, now leading the England cricket team. The two sportsmen’s bond underpins this unique naming initiative, symbolizing their respect and shared passion for sporting excellence.

The debut of ‘Ben Stokes’ transcends mere racing, representing a unique intertwining of sportsmanship and equestrian pursuits. The cricketing world, coupled with horse racing aficionados, is eager to witness the gelding’s performance. As ‘Ben Stokes’ prepares for his first race, he carries not only the weight of his rider but also the symbolic honor of a celebrated cricketing name.

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This unusual endeavor underscores the respect and admiration that exist between Stokes and McCullum. It reminds us of the deep friendships and bonds that can form in the realm of sports. Regardless of whether ‘Ben Stokes’ triumphs in his debut race, the tale behind his naming will continue to inspire and engage fans across the globe.