England’s Cricket World Cup campaign has undeniably been a tale of disappointment and embarrassment. With just one win in six games and a recent loss to India, the team is facing a dire situation. The future of head coach Matthew Mott may well depend on the team’s performance in the remaining two weeks of the tournament.

As England enters the final phase of the competition, they are not only looking to secure a spot in the Champions Trophy but also to salvage their pride. However, given their dismal campaign, a significant turnaround appears unlikely, and Mott’s position is increasingly at risk.

Their upcoming match against Australia highlights the daunting challenge Mott faces in trying to secure a win before the tournament concludes. Following this match, they will face the Netherlands and Pakistan, which might be seen as more winnable fixtures. Nevertheless, the team’s overall performance has been far from convincing.

While Mott’s previous success in leading England to a T20 World Cup victory in Australia last year has granted him some leeway, the team’s recent struggles in India have raised more questions than answers. England’s form has taken a nosedive, and Mott has been unable to reverse their fortunes.

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Mott has consistently pointed to a lack of confidence among the players as the primary reason for their poor performances and results. All-rounder Liam Livingstone echoed this sentiment, stating, “We’re all lacking a bit of confidence at the moment,” after their defeat to India.

Pride and Champions Trophy qualification are intertwined, and securing two wins in their remaining three matches, resulting in a top-eight finish, could, at the very least, provide a ray of hope and alleviate the prevailing pessimism.

Furthermore, this could give Mott more time to undertake a rebuilding process for the 50-over team, preparing them for a competitive showing in the 2027 tournament in southern Africa. The final two weeks of the Cricket World Cup will be pivotal in determining Mott’s future.

Rob Key will be closely monitoring the situation, and if there are no signs of improvement soon, he might be compelled to consider a change, even though he may be reluctant to do so. Eoin Morgan, with his proven ability to lead a white-ball team, could be a viable alternative if a change is deemed necessary to steer the team in a different direction.

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