Wasim Akram has voiced his disapproval of both former and current Pakistani players for their controversial statements concerning the use of the Decision Review System (DRS) in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023 held in India.

Hasan Raza accused the International Cricket Council (ICC) of manipulating the DRS technology in favor of the Indian team, while some players have been critical of certain decisions, seemingly to cast aspersions on the host nation’s image.

Responding to the doubts and concerns surrounding the calls made during the tournament, Wasim Akram, Misbah-ul-Haq, Shoaib Malik, and Moin Khan offered their perspectives.

Wasim Akram remarked, “The system is not entirely foolproof. There have been incorrect decisions, but they have affected both sides. The ICC and other cricket boards have collectively agreed to use this technology. The controversies that are emerging seem to be originating from our own fellow cricketers.”

Misbah-ul-Haq pointed out, “The DRS has significantly reduced the rate of human error. It was introduced to eliminate mistakes made by on-field umpires, and it has effectively reduced such erroneous calls.”

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However, Shoaib Malik held a different view, stating, “The DRS seems to be a means of shifting the blame for human error onto the technology. The decisions involving players like Noor Ahmed and Ravindra Jadeja serve as perfect examples, and I can elaborate further if these two calls are reviewed. The system’s accuracy is in question.”

Moin Khan suggested, “I believe that the ‘umpire’s call’ component should be eliminated from the DRS.”

These discussions have brought into question the accuracy and fairness of umpiring and DRS decisions in the current World Cup, raising concerns and sparking debates within the cricketing community.