Virat Kohli, the renowned Indian batsman, has been setting the 2023 ODI World Cup ablaze with his outstanding performances, but it has also triggered discussions, with some critics accusing him of prioritizing personal milestones over team victories.

However, Pakistani cricketers Mohammad Amir and Imad Wasim have come to Kohli’s defense, urging people to consider the player’s intent and dismissing unnecessary comparisons.

In a recent segment on Pakistani television titled ‘Haarna mana hai’ (translated as ‘You Must Not Lose’), a fan raised questions about Kohli’s playing style. Imad Wasim offered his support to the former Indian captain, emphasizing Kohli’s meticulous approach to the game.

“Virat Kohli plans each move on the field with full awareness of his surroundings. In run chases, he’s exceptional at deciding when to attack and when to aim for a six. He’s a unique player, and currently, there’s no one better than him. Criticizing him in this manner is unjust,” Imad Wasim stated.

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Mohammad Amir shared a similar viewpoint, expressing his disapproval of continuous comparisons involving Kohli.

“I don’t see the point in constantly comparing Virat Kohli; such comparisons are baseless. It’s also important to take the player’s intentions into account. In the match against Sri Lanka, he played ball by ball, putting in the effort,” he commented.

Former Pakistan cricketer Abdul Razzaq also joined in defending Kohli, underlining the significance of observing Kohli’s partner on the field.

“Monitoring the performance of the non-striker is crucial. While it may not be the most appropriate thing to say, if Imam-ul-Haq were playing alongside Virat Kohli, it could have led to issues,” he added.