A recent Twitter spat has ignited a lively exchange between former cricketers Michael Vaughan and Mohammed Hafeez, all centered around Virat Kohli’s performance against South Africa.

Hafeez found himself in the midst of a social media storm after characterizing Kohli’s innings, his 49th ODI century, as “selfish.” According to Hafeez, Kohli’s final 26 runs in 26 balls indicated a lack of team spirit, disregarding the challenging pitch, India’s formidable bowling attack, and a long tail.

In response, Michael Vaughan, not typically in the spotlight for Indian fans, earned unexpected praise for his comeback against Hafeez. Vaughan humorously recalled that Kohli had dismissed Hafeez in the 2012 T20 World Cup, suggesting this might be the reason for Hafeez’s repeated digs at Kohli.

Vaughan’s tweet humorously stated, “Seems to me @MHafeez22 you were bowled by @imVkohli !!! Is this the reason you constantly have a pop at him..”

Despite facing criticism from fans, Hafeez continued his critique. While applauding Ben Stokes for his century against the Netherlands, Hafeez argued that Stokes’ century exemplified a selfless approach compared to Kohli’s supposedly selfish style.

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Vaughan didn’t hold back and responded, emphasizing that Kohli’s century came on a much tougher pitch against a stronger bowling attack than what Stokes faced in Pune against the Netherlands. Vaughan’s tweet quoted Hafeez: “Great innings from Stokesy @MHafeez22.. As was Virats on a difficult pitch in Kolkata against a better attack.”