Renowned cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, known for his ability to bring joy through his social media presence, recently found himself at the center of a controversy when a photograph of him with MC Stan stirred discontent among his fans. While Dhoni has earned a stellar reputation both on and off the cricket field, this recent incident left some of his dedicated followers disheartened.

The source of the commotion? A meeting with MC Stan. Unlike Dhoni or Virat Kohli, MC Stan lacks a massive fan base and does not enjoy the same level of adoration. A photo emerged on social media featuring the CSK skipper alongside Stan, sparking a range of reactions.

While some social media users appreciated the snapshot of Dhoni and Stan, a significant portion expressed their displeasure at seeing the 42-year-old cricketer associating with Stan. MC Stan gained prominence after winning Big Boss season 16, although many fans had anticipated a different winner, leading to hashtags like ‘undeserving winner’ trending on Twitter.

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In response to the criticism, MC Stan remains unaffected. In a recent interview, he stated, “I genuinely don’t concern myself with them; I’m not bothered, mama. I appreciate people who experience jealousy; it’s a very natural emotion in a human being. One simply needs to acknowledge that this wasn’t meant for them. Like most fans, I am surprised, but I firmly believe I deserved to win.”

Reactions from fans on social media ranged from disappointment to outright disapproval. One user expressed, “Dhoni, I enjoy all your posts with other celebrities, but not with MC Stan.” Another simply commented, “Dhoni, please, no,” while someone else wrote, “Couldn’t Dhoni find someone better than this?”