The cricket fervour in England remains undiminished this season, especially with their performance in the ‘net Ashes’.

First up, the England Women’s team held their ground, securing an even score against their Australian counterparts with a tally of eight points each.

The England Men’s team mirrored this achievement, ending their five-Test series against the Aussies in a commendable draw of 2-2.

The England Over-60s team added another feather to the cap by clinching the “Grey Ashes” title in a series of five one-day internationals, bagging a 3-2 victory. Significant contributions came from Mel Hussain, the senior Hussain sibling.

Currently, the England Over-70s squad has taken the lead in the “Silver Ashes”, boasting a 1-0 advantage in their three-match series against Australia. They marked their opening with a triumphant win of 54 runs.

Senior men’s cricket in the UK is on an upward trajectory. While cricket has long been a bonding game for fathers and their sons, it’s now extending that charm to bridge the generational gap between grandfathers and grandsons.

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The National 60+/70+ Cricket County Championship is bustling with 2,500 enthusiastic players, orchestrating 800 spirited matches every sunny season, all played on some truly picturesque grounds.

Given the wealth of talent available, the Over 70s squad had a diverse roster to choose from when preparing to face Australia at Castle Park, Colchester. A noteworthy mention: England’s Over 70s clinched the Silver Ashes on Australian soil with a 2-1 victory just last winter.

Fans can revel in the Over 70 internationals via live streams. The games, with a nostalgic hint of the 1950s-era, primarily feature spin-heavy bowling, measured shots, and seasoned players exuding charisma.

Emerging as the star of the recent match was England’s captain, John Evans, racking up an impressive score of 114*. His playing style offers a gentle nod to Tom Graveney’s era. Notably, John’s father played alongside the iconic English player, granting him a unique perspective.

Evans, who once donned the hat of a PE teacher, is known for his exceptional fitness levels. Having played with him, I’ve witnessed his dynamism firsthand. Securing a spot in England’s senior squads demands rigorous fitness assessments, with defibrillators being a constant presence for safety.

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The recent match showcased the prowess of England’s left-arm spinners, a technique that ages like fine wine.

Locally, most premier counties field teams in the Over 50, 60, and some even in the 70 age brackets. Many seasoned players often join the Over 50s before finally stepping away from the pitch.

A potential area of growth could be curated matches pitting seasoned players against emerging talents, forming a unique blend of experience and youth.

Gloucestershire has plans in motion to introduce such a fixture at the Cheltenham Festival in the upcoming year. This could serve as a harmonious reunion for players, blending the essence of the past, present, and future.

Many erstwhile county cricketers are hesitant to revisit their roots, possibly due to past administrative decisions. Events like these could rekindle their association, appreciating their role in shaping the county’s cricket history and fostering a sense of unity in an expansive cricketing clan.