The well-known sports presenter, Harsha Bhogle, has shared his thoughts on the size of World Cup squads, particularly in light of the challenges posed by injuries. India is currently missing the services of Hardik Pandya, and New Zealand’s Kane Williamson remains on the bench due to a thumb injury.

In the recent match against South Africa, New Zealand faced a few injury setbacks. The ICC permits a 15-member squad, and a replacement is only allowed when a team formally requests it after a player is ruled out.

Harsha Bhogle advocates for an increase in squad size to 17 players for each team. He expressed his viewpoint by stating, “I mentioned this at the beginning of the World Cup, and I’ll reiterate it. When teams are required to play nine matches, a 15-member squad falls short. For a tournament of this magnitude, selecting from whoever is available shouldn’t be the norm. Squad strength should ideally comprise at least 17 players. Alternatively, teams should have the option to call in substitutes and reinstate the original player once they’ve recovered.”

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