10 Best Highest 6th Wicket Partnerships in ODI Cricket
  • 9 October 2023
  • Ana Gems
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In the realm of One Day International (ODI) cricket, partnerships play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of matches. Among these partnerships, the 6th wicket stands out as a crucial juncture where teams often find themselves in dire straits. Yet, it’s during these moments of adversity that some of the most remarkable partnerships have emerged. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 highest 6th wicket partnerships in ODI cricket history.

1. The Epic Resurgence – Fakhar Zaman and Shadab Khan (Pakistan)

H1 Heading: A Miraculous Recovery

One of the most memorable 6th wicket partnerships took place in 2019 when Pakistan was reeling against Afghanistan. Fakhar Zaman and Shadab Khan’s partnership of 127 runs not only helped Pakistan avoid an upset but also showcased their resilience under pressure.

2. Proteas’ Perseverance – David Miller and Wayne Parnell (South Africa)

H1 Heading: South African Heroics

In 2013, South Africa faced Pakistan in a nail-biting match. The team found itself in dire straits at 107/5. However, David Miller and Wayne Parnell turned the tide with a partnership of 117 runs, guiding their team to victory.

3. The Windies Wonder – Kieron Pollard and Jason Holder (West Indies)

H1 Heading: Caribbean Magic

During a clash with India in 2019, West Indies was in deep trouble at 98/5. Enter Kieron Pollard and Jason Holder, who orchestrated a remarkable partnership of 135 runs, almost securing a sensational win.

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4. England’s Grit – Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler (England)

H1 Heading: English Heroes

In the 2019 World Cup final against New Zealand, England was on the brink of defeat at 86/4. Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler joined forces to create history, sharing a partnership of 110 runs. Their efforts led England to their maiden World Cup triumph.

5. The Asian Tigers’ Fightback – Mahmudullah and Mashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)

H1 Heading: Bangladeshi Bravery

Bangladesh faced a daunting task against New Zealand in 2017. Mahmudullah and Mashrafe Mortaza combined for a resilient 146-run partnership, taking Bangladesh to an improbable victory.

6. The Sri Lankan Revival – Angelo Mathews and Jeevan Mendis (Sri Lanka)

H1 Heading: Island’s Resurgence

Sri Lanka found themselves struggling against Australia in 2013. Angelo Mathews and Jeevan Mendis, with their 132-run partnership, not only saved the day but also left a mark on ODI cricket.

7. Indian Heroics – Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni (India)

H1 Heading: The Iconic Duo

In the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, India faced Australia with the World Cup dream on the line. Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni formed an iconic partnership of 74 runs, sealing India’s triumph in the tournament.

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8. Pakistan’s Thrilling Escape – Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez (Pakistan)

H1 Heading: Pakistani Drama

In 2010, Pakistan faced South Africa in a high-stakes encounter. Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez’s 143-run partnership turned the tables, securing a thrilling victory.

9. Kiwi Fightback – Chris Harris and Adam Parore (New Zealand)

H1 Heading: Kiwi Resilience

During a game against India in 1999, New Zealand was in a dire situation. Chris Harris and Adam Parore shared a gritty 122-run partnership, salvaging their team’s pride.

10. The Afghan Blitz – Najibullah Zadran and Rashid Khan (Afghanistan)

H1 Heading: Afghan Rising Stars

In 2019, Afghanistan faced Ireland, and Najibullah Zadran and Rashid Khan engineered a stunning partnership of 86 runs, showcasing the talent emerging from the cricketing minnows.


In the world of ODI cricket, the 6th wicket partnerships have often been the turning points that change the course of matches. These partnerships demonstrate the resilience, determination, and skill of the cricketers involved, making ODI cricket an exhilarating spectacle for fans around the world.

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What is the significance of the 6th wicket partnership in ODI cricket?

The 6th wicket partnership in ODI cricket is crucial as it often occurs when a team is in a precarious situation. It can determine the outcome of the match and showcases the players’ ability to handle pressure.

How do partnerships like these impact the team’s performance?

Such partnerships can boost a team’s morale, turn the tide of the match, and lead to unexpected victories, showcasing the depth of talent in cricket.

Which 6th wicket partnership is the highest in ODI history?

The highest 6th wicket partnership in ODI history is between Fakhar Zaman and Shadab Khan, with a partnership of 127 runs for Pakistan against Afghanistan in 2019.

What qualities make for a successful 6th wicket partnership?

Resilience, communication, adaptability, and a good understanding of each other’s game are key qualities for a successful 6th wicket partnership.

How do partnerships like these contribute to the excitement of ODI cricket?

These partnerships add drama and excitement to ODI cricket, keeping fans on the edge of their seats as they witness remarkable comebacks and heroic performances.