ICC Shuts Off Australian Supporters Regarding The ‘Change Of Ball’: The Ashes 2023 series, recently concluded, was filled with dramatic moments. Not surprisingly, the final match didn’t lack its share of controversies either. One particular incident that drew attention was Australia’s concerns regarding a pivotal ball change during Day 4 of the clash.

Australia found itself on the wrong side of a 49-run defeat, and the team identified a turning point in the game’s progress. This critical moment came when a 36-over-old ball was replaced with what they deemed as a shinier, harder ball. This change, they claimed, significantly influenced the game dynamics, leading to a rapid loss of their wickets.

Australian cricket legends Ricky Ponting and Glenn McGrath didn’t hold back their dissatisfaction with this event. Their voices echoed those of many other cricket enthusiasts, experts, and the team itself.
In response to this brewing controversy, the International Cricket Council (ICC) stepped in to clarify its stance. As quoted by ESPN Cricinfo, an ICC spokesperson stated, “The ICC does not comment on the decisions taken by umpires in matches. However, we can confirm that all balls are pre-selected before the start of every match and when the situation calls for it, the match officials choose the ball that is closest to the condition of the ball that is being replaced.”

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Ponting expressed his concerns quite explicitly, focusing on the disparity between the two balls. He stated, “The most concerning aspect is the substantial difference in the condition of the replacement ball. When you decide to change the ball, you expect it to be as close as possible to the one being replaced. Regrettably, the selection box did not contain many older-condition balls, and those that were chosen were promptly rejected by the umpires.”

This incident has sent waves of criticism throughout the cricketing community. The ICC’s explanation, while necessary, has done little to quell the heated discussions on the matter. As the dust of the Ashes series settles, cricket fans worldwide are hoping for greater transparency in future instances. The desire is to ensure that the integrity of the game remains intact, regardless of the controversies that arise along the way.

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