‘I’m not furious, just gutted’: Ben Foakes on Ashes snub

Ben Foakes, England’s first-rate wicketkeeper-batsman, was notably absent from the squad selected for the Ashes series. The 29-year-old spoke out about the snub in a recent interview. His reaction is not one of anger, but of profound disappointment.

“I’m not furious,” he stated, “just gutted.”

Foakes made his debut for England in 2018, putting on a sterling performance that saw him named man of the series against Sri Lanka. He has since established a reputation as one of the finest glovemen in the world, impressing with his agility behind the stumps and his consistent middle-order batting.

However, despite the flashes of brilliance and moments of potential that Foakes has shown, England’s selectors have often overlooked him. He has found himself in and out of the side, never quite becoming the fixed presence many thought he would be.

“I guess, as a player, all you can do is perform to the best of your ability when you are given the chance,” Foakes said. “I’ve tried to do that. To miss out on a series as big as the Ashes, it hurts.”

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The Ashes, a series steeped in cricket history and tradition, is seen as the pinnacle of the sport, particularly for players from England and Australia. It is an event where legends are made, and careers can be defined. To miss out on such an occasion is understandably a significant blow for any player.

“But it’s not anger that I feel,” Foakes explained. “It’s more a sense of disappointment, of opportunities missed. I have a deep love for the game and a desire to represent my country at the highest level. That’s why I am gutted.”

Foakes also dismissed any idea that this snub could be the end of his international career. He said that he remains determined to fight for his place in the squad and prove that he still has a lot to offer.

“I’m still ambitious, still hungry,” he insisted. “There is no question of throwing in the towel. I’ll continue to push myself, to improve, to make sure I am ready when the next opportunity comes.”

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As cricket fans know, the sport is as unpredictable as it is compelling. Form fluctuates, and selectors’ decisions can often surprise. Despite the disappointment, Foakes is fully aware that his time may yet come again.

“I know how quickly things can change in cricket,” he said. “One moment you are out; the next, you are in. All I can do is stay ready, stay focused, and when the call comes, I need to be ready to grab it with both hands.”

Despite the gut-wrenching disappointment of missing out on a place in the Ashes squad, Foakes’s resolve remains unbroken. He is determined to put this setback behind him and continue to push for his place in the England side. Cricket, after all, is a game of glorious uncertainties, and there is always a tomorrow. The Ashes snub might have left Foakes gutted, but he is nowhere near finished.