Prior to Sri Lanka’s highly anticipated 2023 World Cup match against Afghanistan, a dramatic incident unfolded. During the rendition of Sri Lanka’s national anthem, a young child escorting the players fainted, sending shockwaves through the sweltering MCA crowd in Pune and resonating across the global cricketing community.

The searing temperatures in Pune, peaking between 30-32 degrees Celsius on a scorching Monday afternoon, pushed the limits of both the players and the spectators. The intense heat took its toll on the young child positioned in front of Kusal Mendis, Sri Lanka’s captain, as the national anthem began to play.

In a split-second display of remarkable presence of mind and compassion, Kusal Mendis, renowned for his leadership on the field, acted swiftly. He caught the falling child, averting a potential disaster. Mendis’s heroic act not only saved a young life but also garnered him admiration and affection from cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Mendis’s selfless gesture did not go unnoticed. A member of the Afghanistan cricket team’s support staff, showing great concern, rushed to assist the child. They ensured the child’s safety and provided immediate medical attention. The entire incident was captured on camera, quickly going viral and sparking discussions on various social media platforms.

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The video, widely shared on social media after the incident, underscored the appreciation for Kusal Mendis’s kindness. He received global recognition for his exceptional quick thinking and altruism in the face of adversity.

While Pune’s temperatures appeared to be in the mid-30s, this incident serves as a sobering reminder of the unpredictability of weather. Heat-related incidents can occur even in seemingly moderate conditions, emphasizing the importance of thorough preparation for both participants and event organizers to be ready for any situation.