In the semi-final clash against New Zealand at the Wankhede Stadium, Ravindra Jadeja, although not having the chance to bat or claim any wickets, played a pivotal role in the field. He demonstrated exceptional fielding skills by securing three challenging catches, each made difficult by the height the ball reached and his strategic position near the boundary line.

This performance held special significance for Jadeja, considering his standout role as India’s top player in the 2019 World Cup semi-final against New Zealand in Manchester, a game that eluded India’s grasp.

Amidst the charged atmosphere at the Wankhede Stadium, Jadeja’s catches included those of Daryl Mitchell, Glenn Phillips, and Mark Chapman. The first two catches were particularly crucial as Mitchell and Phillips presented a formidable challenge, keeping the match alive in the pursuit of the formidable 398-run target.

The catch of Glenn Phillips proved to be particularly demanding, with Jadeja positioned near the boundary line. Phillips fell victim to a slower ball from Jasprit Bumrah outside off-stump but managed to impart enough power to send the ball left of Jadeja at long-off.

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In a moment that had the Wankhede crowd holding its breath, Ravindra Jadeja maintained focus on the ball, calmly settling under it and making the catch at shoulder height. After completing the catch, Jadeja playfully sat on his haunches just inches away from the boundary line, injecting a bit of flair into the moment.

He then rose, walked off with a smile, and the cameraman captured the reaction of Jadeja’s wife, Rivaba Jadeja, on the screens. Rivaba, with a sweet smile on her face, witnessed her husband’s brilliant catch, and her joyous reaction quickly gained attention online.