Deepak Chahar, the young and talented cricketer from India associated with the Chennai Super Kings, has successfully recovered from his hamstring and back injuries, showing a strong resolve to regain his place on the national team.

Notably, Chahar’s last appearance for the Indian team was in December of the previous year. His career has been marred by a series of injuries, including a significant setback that saw him miss the entire IPL season due to a back injury, followed by his absence from the T20 World Cup held in Australia.

In an interview with PTI Bhasha, Chahar spoke about his struggles with injuries and his desire to make a comeback in the national squad, saying, “Injuries should not demoralize a player; these are factors beyond a player’s control. My top priority right now is to maintain my fitness and make myself available for the team. I am committed to giving my absolute best whenever I get the opportunity.”

He elaborated further, stating, “In my case, it can be seen as a challenging period. Last year, I battled a severe back injury, a significant concern for a fast bowler. However, I am now fully fit and content with my current bowling form. I am earnestly working towards earning my place back in the national team. Recently, I participated in the Rajasthan Premier League (RPL) tournament, and until Sunday, I was at the National Cricket Academy, practicing with the Indian team that is preparing for the Asian Games in China.”

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Discussing his preparations to rejoin the Indian cricket team after recovering from the injuries sustained during the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL), Chahar emphasized, “I am in good shape now. Whenever I have the opportunity to play in tournaments like the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, I will strive to perform at my best. As players, we can only control our on-field performance, and that is where my focus lies—making the most of every chance I receive.”

He also shared his thoughts on India’s prospects in the upcoming World Cup, expressing optimism for the team’s performance, given the advantage of playing on home turf. Chahar stated, “India stands as a strong contender in the tournament. We emerged victorious the last time the World Cup was hosted in India. Our players are well-acquainted with the conditions and pitches here, which gives us a home advantage. As for predicting the top four teams, it’s challenging as all the participating teams are formidable.”

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