Dear KL Rahul,

Attempting to put into words the torrent of emotions coursing through me right now feels like a formidable task. How can I adequately describe the inexplicable excitement I felt watching you return to the cricket field? KL, it was a revival of glory, and its significance was magnified because you’ve weathered ceaseless criticism, yet you confronted it all with unwavering determination.

Today, you unequivocally proved to the world that every single one of those critics, I emphasize, every last one of them, was unequivocally mistaken. Your innings embodied glory, triumph, hunger, and, above all, belief. The manner in which you forged your own path in the face of relentless criticism and the unending stream of doubts from others—believe me, it was nothing short of extraordinary.

KL, this remarkable performance of yours has imparted several invaluable lessons to me. It has taught me that the most challenging step in one’s journey is often the act of holding on. You’ll stumble and fall repeatedly. Rising to your feet will occasionally feel agonizingly wrong, and there will be innumerable reasons to contemplate surrender. Yet, somehow, you managed to discover the singular reason to endure, to persevere.

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Believe me, this is likely the most formidable challenge you’ll ever encounter, and yet, the way you made a resounding comeback was simply brilliant. You unleashed a flurry of shots that found every corner of the field while keeping pace with one of the fittest athletes of all time, Virat Kohli.

Your unwavering composure was nothing short of astounding, and the tranquility in your eyes served as a resounding validation of your capabilities when you go all out. Perhaps this is just the beginning, and there will be much talk, many hurdles, and countless trials yet to come. However, I now hold an unwavering belief that you will withstand it all.

KL, thank you for instilling in me the unshakable faith one must have in oneself. Thank you for rising once more, even in the face of life’s unrelenting knocks. Thank you for today. My belief in you has grown immeasurably stronger.

Yours sincerely,

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