Rishabh Pant is presently engaged in a rehabilitation and recovery program at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) located in Bangalore. This program comes as a response to the injuries he sustained in a car accident last December.

Impressively, Rishabh Pant’s recuperative journey has been surprisingly swift. Just this month, he participated in a concise practice match, drawing the attention of fans who were in attendance to witness the event.

A significant contributor to his rapid recovery from his injuries and subsequent surgical procedures has been his meticulously curated dietary regimen. The 25-year-old cricketer’s nutritional plan has recently come to light. It has been unveiled that Rishabh Pant received a recommendation from MS Dhoni to consult with his personal nutritionist, Shweta Shah. Following this recommendation, Shweta Shah has been providing guidance to the young wicket-keeper regarding his post-surgery dietary requirements.

In this manner, MS Dhoni has played a role in facilitating Rishabh Pant’s recovery journey. Shweta Shah, the nutritionist associated with MS Dhoni, has been collaborating with Rishabh Pant to customize his diet. Notably, she made adjustments to Pant’s previous diet to address challenges he had encountered in digesting his preferred chicken dishes. Under Shweta’s expert guidance, he has transitioned to consuming De-bloat and homemade meals for optimized nutrition, significantly enhancing his digestive process.

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Shweta explained, “This approach aided in stimulating his jathar agni (a concept in Ayurveda referring to digestive fire). When this fire is subdued, it can lead to improper digestion, a concern that Rishabh experienced. Activating this fire was imperative, as proper absorption, digestion, and assimilation of nutrients from the ingested food were critical for his recovery. The utilization of de-bloat powder had no adverse effects and also contributed to managing his stress levels.”

Expanding further, Shweta Shah outlined the modifications and additions she incorporated into Rishabh Pant’s diet subsequent to his surgery, with the intention of expediting his recuperation process. She underscored the importance of incorporating home-cooked meals as a pivotal recommendation.

“We introduced dishes like chicken curry with rice and Thai chicken curry with rice. Given his aversion to fish, we opted for eggs and avocados for his breakfast. Parathas, a particular favorite of his, were adapted to be gluten-free, alongside rotis. For the initial 15 days, we abstained from wheat, dairy, and paneer. After a month, paneer was gradually reintroduced.”

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Shweta emphasized that notwithstanding assumptions about Pant’s financial means to access diverse medical interventions, his recovery was substantiated by a simple and home-cooked diet – an approach that Rishabh Pant himself acknowledges and endorses.

With regard to his return to the cricket arena, Rishabh Pant is not slated to partake in the 2023 World Cup. Nevertheless, there are prospects of a potential comeback in early next year. While his participation in the Test series against England might be uncertain, there is a prevailing anticipation of his appearance in the IPL in the subsequent year.