The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 brought a whirlwind of emotions for Bangladesh fans as their team, led by the esteemed Shakib Al Hasan, encountered unexpected challenges in the group stages, culminating in their exit from the tournament. Amidst the disappointment, speculations arose regarding internal discord within the team, with a particular focus on Tamim Iqbal’s absence and alleged conflicts.

Before the World Cup commenced, Bangladesh sparked controversy by excluding Tamim Iqbal from the final 15-member squad. The selectors cited Tamim’s back injury as the reason, but the situation took a turn when Shakib Al Hasan, in an interview with a sports channel, unveiled a different perspective. According to Shakib, Tamim refused to bat at No 3 in the first World Cup match against Afghanistan, leading to his exclusion. Shakib didn’t hold back, labeling Tamim as ‘childish’ and questioning his commitment to the team.

Adding to the drama, Shakib expressed dissatisfaction with Tamim’s abrupt resignation from the captaincy just months before the World Cup. In the world of cricket, where unity and strategic planning are paramount, Shakib argued that such decisions should have been made well in advance. The leadership turmoil within the team became a subplot that mirrored the challenges faced on the field.

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[Fact Check] Was Shakib Al Hasan Harassed In Bangladesh After World Cup?

In the aftermath of Bangladesh’s World Cup exit, a video circulated on social media purportedly showing Shakib Al Hasan being mistreated by fans in a shopping mall. The narrative surrounding this incident painted a grim picture of Bangladeshis mistreating their cricketing legend. However, upon closer examination, the video actually dates back to the Asia Cup, where Shakib left a crucial match to inaugurate a gold showroom in Dubai for an escaped murderer.

The widely circulated video turned out to be misinformation, capitalizing on emotions stirred during the World Cup exit. Shakib’s actions during the Asia Cup, leaving the national team for personal commitments, had already strained the relationship between the cricketer and the fans. It’s crucial to distinguish between genuine criticism and sensationalized narratives to provide a fair and accurate representation.