The Decision to Add a Reserve Day for India vs. Pakistan Match Stirs Controversy in Asia Cup 2023″

The Asian Cricket Council’s (ACC) recent move to include a reserve day for the India vs. Pakistan Super 4 match in the Asia Cup 2023 has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions among coaches and fans.

The Super 4 stage of the Asia Cup 2023 kicked off with Pakistan securing a 7-wicket win over Bangladesh in Lahore on Wednesday. The tournament has now shifted to Colombo, where the remaining Super 4 matches and the final are scheduled to take place.

However, the weather forecast for Colombo predicts heavy rainfall in the coming days, leading to concerns about possible disruptions to the matches. The highly anticipated India vs. Pakistan clash is scheduled for September 10.

In response to the risk of a rain-affected outcome, the ACC decided to introduce a reserve day on September 11 exclusively for the India vs. Pakistan match. This decision came after the group stage game between the two teams on September 2 in Pallekele was washed out.

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While the ACC’s decision was intended to ensure a fair contest in case of rain, it has sparked criticism from fans on social media. The controversy revolves around the fact that the reserve day is only allocated to the India-Pakistan match in the Super 4 round.

Coaches of the other two teams, Chandika Hathurusinghe of Bangladesh and Chris Silverwood of Sri Lanka, expressed surprise at this change in tournament rules. Chris Silverwood suggested that this reserve day could provide an unfair advantage to India and Pakistan over Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, as the former two teams could earn an extra point with a win, while a washout would result in only one point.

Silverwood remarked, “It’s a little surprising when I first heard… We don’t organize the competition, so there’s not much we can do about it. I only see it becoming a problem if the reserve day provides points for someone else and affects us or someone else. There’s not much we can do about it. We’ll continue with our preparations and do the best we can.”

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Chandika Hathurusinghe added, “I haven’t seen this kind of thing in another tournament, this changing of rules in the middle of the tournament… I’m sure there is a technical committee that has representations from every participating country. They must have made this decision for some other reason. Yes, it’s not ideal. We would love to have an extra day as well. Apart from that, I don’t have much to comment on because they have made the decision.