Former Indian cricket icon and World Cup hero Gautam Gambhir has voiced his disapproval of Indian cricketers exhibiting excessive camaraderie with their arch-rivals during matches.

Gautam Gambhir’s critical comments emerged during the Asia Cup 2023 clash between India and Pakistan. Gambhir, a pivotal figure in India’s historic 2011 World Cup victory, pointed to franchise cricket as one of the primary reasons why modern-day cricket lacks the intense rivalry it once possessed.

Gautam Gambhir Criticizes Indian Players During the mid-innings analysis on Star Sports, Gambhir stressed the importance of players leaving their friendships behind when they step onto the cricket field. He remarked:

“When you don the national team’s jersey on the field, it’s crucial to put friendship aside beyond the boundary ropes. Your game face must be on. Friendship should remain off the field. There should be visible aggression in the eyes of all players involved. Feel free to be as friendly as you want after those six or seven hours of cricket. Those hours are critical because you’re not just representing yourself; you’re representing a nation of over a billion people.”

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He further added, “In recent times, you observe players from rival teams patting each other on the back and exchanging fist bumps during a match. This is a sight you wouldn’t have witnessed a few years ago. It almost feels like you’re playing a friendly match.”

Gambhir’s comments struck a chord with fans who echoed his sentiments and criticized Indian players for showcasing excessive friendliness toward their rivals. One prominent Twitter user and cricket analyst, Madhav Sharma, expressed his disappointment on his official Twitter account.

In his tweet, Madhav Sharma bemoaned the absence of passion and aggression in the players’ demeanor. He wrote:

“@GautamGambhir is absolutely right. The passion and aggression we used to witness in his eyes, particularly against Pakistan, are now noticeably absent. There’s an excess of friendliness and too many smiles.”

You can find his tweet here: [Link to the tweet]