Zak Crawley shared the events that transpired at the Oval, addressing allegations that the English cricket team declined post-Ashes celebratory drinks with the Australians.

The Australian team voiced their disappointment to the media, claiming that Ben Stokes’s English squad ignored their invitation for post-match drinks after an intense summer series. They alleged that England had locked their dressing room doors despite their attempts to join them multiple times.

On the other hand, England’s captain, Stokes, clarified that their post-match gathering lasted longer than anticipated due to farewells for the retiring players, Stuart Broad and Moeen Ali. By the time they wrapped up, the Australian team had already left the South London cricket venue.

The Australian side didn’t entirely buy this explanation. One representative remarked, “We’re not that bothered since we have the urn. However, after such an intense series, the reaction seemed quite poor.”

Addressing the issue on The Vaughany and Tuffers Cricket Club Podcast, Crawley recognized that the English team’s gathering in the dressing room did extend longer than usual but emphasized that they didn’t intentionally ignore the Australians.

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He explained, “It’s unfortunate that the timing was off. Typically, our post-match meetings are shorter. But that particular evening was different due to Broad, Ali, and one of our physios departing. Our regular wrap-up, combined with the farewells, went on longer than expected, which unfortunately didn’t align with the Australians’ plans. It was an inadvertent clash of timings, with no one to blame.”