Danish Kaneria, a former Pakistani spinner, has recently garnered widespread attention in the world of cricket due to his open and forthright comments about the discrimination he experienced during his playing career, notably from his former colleague Shahid Afridi.

Kaneria’s criticism gained significant traction when he posted a video in which Afridi appeared to joyfully smash a television after witnessing his daughter participating in a religious rite called ‘puja.’ Kaneria expressed his dismay and questioned whether Afridi’s treatment of his own family was reflective of how he treated Kaneria on the cricket field.

A record-holder for the most wickets taken by a spinner in Pakistani cricket history, Danish Kaneria did not shy away from sharing his experiences. He revealed that Afridi and other players consistently pressured him to convert to Islam, a request he consistently declined. Kaneria credited Inzamam-ul-Haq as the only captain who consistently supported him during this challenging period. He attributed the difficulties in his relationship with fellow teammates to his religious beliefs.

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Kaneria vividly remembered how discussions about his conversion to Islam were frequently raised by Afridi and other Pakistani players. Despite facing adversity, Kaneria managed to establish himself as a highly successful cricket player. However, he emphasized that the primary reason for the prejudice he encountered was his religious convictions.

In an unexpected twist, Kaneria praised India for its inclusive treatment of players from various faiths. He made this observation in contrast to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which, in his opinion, failed to provide him with the support he needed. Kaneria believed that the PCB’s lack of support was influenced by his Hindu faith and his ability to set world records in cricket. This situation was particularly challenging for him as he was also dealing with the loss of his father during that time.