On Tuesday, August 30, 2023, the former Pakistani captain Imran Khan was arrested in connection with a case involving cipher activity, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Official Secrets Act. The allegation against him centers around the alleged misuse of a confidential diplomatic cable (referred to as a “cipher”) during his tenure as a leader in Pakistan, with purported political intentions.

During the same day, Khan had secured his release on bail concerning the Toshakhana case. However, his release was short-lived, as he was arrested again in connection with the cipher case shortly after his bail was granted. Following this arrest, he has been placed under judicial custody, and his appearance in court is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31.

The cipher case pertains to a diplomatic cable that Khan is accused of leaking to the media in 2021. The content of this confidential cable reportedly contained sensitive information regarding a meeting between Khan and a foreign dignitary. Khan has firmly denied these allegations, attributing them to political motives.

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Concurrently, the Toshakhana case revolves around gifts that Khan allegedly received from a foreign head of state. The allegation against him is that he unlawfully sold these gifts and personally profited from these transactions. Khan has categorically refuted these allegations as well.

Amidst these legal developments, the future of Imran Khan’s political career hangs in the balance, marked by substantial uncertainty. It’s noteworthy that he has been prohibited from participating in political activities for a duration spanning five years.