Leading up to the Asia Cup final showdown against Sri Lanka, Shubman Gill has emphasized the critical importance of securing victory in the tournament. Gill believes that clinching the Asia Cup title is not just a lofty goal but an absolute necessity. He argues that winning the tournament holds pivotal significance in instilling a winning mentality within the team, a mindset that will be crucial as they prepare for the upcoming World Cup, slated to commence next month.

Gill, a central figure in the Indian cricket team, expressed his views during a post-match press conference, stating, “Cultivating a habit of winning is absolutely essential for us. Winning the Asia Cup final is paramount in this regard. It’s about hitting our peak performance levels at precisely the right moments and maintaining that momentum. Facing setbacks in one or two games can intensify pressure, so securing victory here is pivotal to our enthusiasm and self-belief as we approach the World Cup.”

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Despite a recent loss to Bangladesh in the Super Four stage, Gill remains optimistic about the overall momentum of the team. He acknowledged areas for improvement, noting, “I wouldn’t say we’ve lost our momentum. While we might have allowed Bangladesh’s lower-order batsmen to accumulate an additional 10 to 15 runs, our overall performance has been commendable. Such challenges are part and parcel of the game, particularly on pitches like these. Our objective is to apply the lessons learned effectively in both the World Cup and the Asia Cup final.”

Concerning the imminent Asia Cup final clash, Gill recognized Sri Lanka’s impressive form and emphasized the imperative for India to deliver their best performance. He observed, “Sri Lanka has gained significant momentum, particularly with their recent victory over Pakistan. To overcome them, we must elevate our game and give nothing less than our absolute best.”

Furthermore, Gill underscored the advantages of playing on slow-turning pitches during the Asia Cup, highlighting that it provides valuable practice for both batsmen and bowlers. “These pitches align with the conditions we frequently encounter in India, making them invaluable for refining our skills against formidable opponents,” he concluded.

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