Matthew Hayden, the former Australia opener, is encouraging Australian batters to change their approach to their English opponent, Ollie Robinson, by becoming more assertive in their playstyle. Hayden has recognized the potential in the Australian cricket team, noting players such as Usman Khawaja, Cameron Green, Davey Warner, Alex Carey, Marnus Labuschagne, and Steve Smith have the ability to adapt their mindset and playing strategies.

Based on Hayden’s comments, it seems that he is encouraging the Australian team to embrace BazBall, a style of play that he appreciates and believes could bring a new dynamic to the Australian cricket team’s tactics. In essence, BazBall embodies a more aggressive and assertive style of play. As Hayden noted in his comments, this approach could have been beneficial in situations like Usman Khawaja’s second innings, where a more aggressive stance might have made a positive impact.

Hayden also emphasized the need for senior players, particularly David Warner, to step up and embody this new aggressive mindset. Warner is praised by Hayden for his attitude, and he urges Warner to put pressure on England’s Ollie Robinson.

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Hayden is no stranger to providing advice to the Australian team. He has previously offered to help the Australian cricket side when they were struggling against Indian spinners in the ongoing test series. His willingness to share his experience and expertise, including his significant success against Indian spinners, is indicative of his dedication to improving the Australian team.

In summary, Hayden is suggesting that the Australian cricket team adopt a more aggressive playing style, known as BazBall, and wants key players like David Warner to lead this change in tactics, particularly against players like England’s Ollie Robinson. The former opener believes this strategy could give Australia a new edge in their future matches.