During a recent T20 match in Sri Lanka, an unexpected guest—a large snake—interrupted the game, leaving players and spectators in a mix of surprise and concern. The incident occurred at R. Premadasa Stadium, where the Galle Titans took on Dambulla Aura.

The unexpected visitor was later identified as a rat snake. Though it’s not venomous, it can become defensive when threatened.

Action on the field was briefly suspended when one of the Titans’ bowlers pointed out the reptile’s presence to the umpire. Initially, the umpire tried to persuade the snake to leave by tapping the ground. When that didn’t work, a courageous official cautiously guided the snake back beyond the boundary.

Commentators added their own touch of excitement, with one remarking, “That’s unnerving! I’d prefer to keep my distance.” Another chimed in, saying, “Certainly a cricketing first. Let’s let it take its leave.”

A wildlife team arrived shortly after to ensure the snake’s safe departure, after which play resumed. The Lanka Premier League later shared a light-hearted tweet about the episode, asking the snake about its “accreditation card” and jesting about the local fauna’s interest in the sport.

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Cricket fans globally had their say too, with reactions ranging from amusement to concern. One fan playfully suggested the snake just wanted to catch the match, but another highlighted the unusual nature of the pause, contrasting it with the occasional stray cat or dog on the field.

After the unexpected break, the Titans triumphed in a close finish, with both teams having accumulated 180 runs in their respective innings.