Star batsman Virat Kohli not only showcased his exceptional batting skills but also unveiled a surprising talent for bowling during India’s clash with the Netherlands in the World Cup 2023. Kohli’s bowling prowess came to the forefront as he dismissed Netherlands skipper Scott Edwards, marking a significant milestone with his first ODI World Cup wicket and establishing a unique record.

In the 23rd over, Captain Rohit Sharma entrusted Kohli with the ball, and the batsman-turned-bowler delivered a medium-paced delivery. Edwards misjudged the shot down the leg side, resulting in a spectacular catch by KL Rahul.

Kohli’s bowling performance against the Netherlands sets him apart in ODI history, making him the only player with the best batting average and the second-best bowling average in a World Cup. With an impressive tally of 594 runs in 9 matches and a batting average of 65.94, Kohli’s bowling skills boast an average of 15.00.

This distinctive record highlights Kohli’s all-round capabilities, solidifying his position as one of the most well-rounded batsmen globally. His newfound ability as a proficient bowler adds an extra dimension to his game, making him even more formidable in limited-overs cricket. It will be intriguing to observe how he strategically incorporates his bowling skills throughout the remaining matches of the World Cup.

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In the same game, Captain Rohit Sharma also displayed his proficiency in bowling. With a wicket to his credit and an impressive bowling average of 7.00, Sharma further contributed to India’s multifaceted approach in the tournament.