Former Pakistani captain Wasim Akram has shared a humorous proposal that could potentially secure a spot for the Babar Azam-led Pakistan cricket team in the semi-finals of the current ODI World Cup 2023. Akram’s comments followed New Zealand’s convincing 5-wicket victory over Sri Lanka in Bengaluru, complicating matters for Pakistan and making their qualification for the top four seem nearly impossible.

As things stand, Pakistan’s Net Run Rate (NRR) is +0.036. While they have the opportunity to match New Zealand’s 10 points, they face a significant challenge in terms of improving their NRR.

In their upcoming crucial match against England, Pakistan’s strategy revolves around batting first and achieving a victory with a margin of at least 287 runs.

For instance, if Pakistan scores 300 runs, they would need to bowl out England for just 13 runs. Alternatively, if asked to bowl first, they must chase down the total within 2.5 overs. New Zealand’s recent win over Sri Lanka, with a 5-wicket margin and 160 balls to spare, has bolstered their NRR to +0.743, putting them in a favorable position for a semi-final berth.

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Regarding this situation, sports host Fakhre Alam shared a humorous anecdote about Wasim Akram’s inventive solution:

“Wasim bhai gave the idea that Pakistan should bat first, then lock England up in their dressing room and get them timed out in 20 minutes to win the match.”

Adding a playful touch to the unconventional strategy, Misbah-ul-Haq, a former captain, suggested, “Allow England to bat first and lock up the dressing room after that. Why let them put up a total at all!” While these suggestions bring humor to the scenario, the real challenge for Pakistan lies in the upcoming match against England, where they will strive for an extraordinary victory to keep their semi-final aspirations alive.