In an outpour of emotions and brotherly pride, Dewald Brevis, the South African rising star, has sent a special message to his ‘brother’ Tilak Varma, the hard-hitting batsman from India, following his sensational performance against West Indies in the recent match.

In a touching video message that has since gone viral, Brevis began, “Hello, brother. I had to take a moment to send you this message after that whirlwind of an innings you played against the West Indies.”

Varma’s performance in the said match was nothing short of extraordinary. His astounding prowess at the crease, mixed with his unruffled cool, led the Indian team to an impressive victory. The match saw Varma playing a whirlwind innings, hitting the ball to all corners of the ground, and leaving the West Indian bowlers and fielders chasing shadows.

In the video, Brevis continued, “You were absolutely sensational. I knew you had it in you, but to see you execute it on such a big stage was something else altogether.”

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Though hailing from different countries and having different cricketing journeys, the bond between Brevis and Varma is well-known. The duo first met during an Under-19 tournament and have since been fast friends. They have shared a strong bond of mutual respect and camaraderie, often referring to each other as ‘brothers’.

Brevis, no stranger to competitive cricket himself, was visibly impressed and proud of his brother’s achievement. His message was not just a testament to his admiration for Varma’s game but also his deep-seated respect for the person that Varma is.

“Dude, you are a powerhouse. But what makes you really special is your ability to stay calm under pressure,” he said. He went on to add, “You have always had that blend of aggression and calmness, and to watch you display it on an international platform was just unreal.”

Brevis also took a moment to appreciate Varma’s unyielding work ethic. He emphasized how Varma’s spectacular performance was not a fluke but the result of years of dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to the game. He said, “I have seen you sweat it out in the nets, day in and day out. This is the reward for all that hard work, and no one deserves it more than you.”

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In his heartfelt message, Brevis did not forget to convey his excitement at the prospect of facing Varma on the cricket field. “I can’t wait to play against you, brother. It’s going to be one thrilling contest,” he said, chuckling.

Wrapping up his message, Brevis expressed his immense pride in Varma’s journey and achievements. “Keep shining, keep hitting those massive sixes, and keep making all of us proud. You are a star, Tilak, and this is just the beginning.”

It was truly an emotional and uplifting moment, as the video beautifully captured the spirit of sportsmanship, respect, and brotherhood that transcends boundaries. This special message from Brevis to Varma showcases not just the personal bond between the two but also the unity and respect that sports, particularly cricket, bring among athletes worldwide. No matter the distance, the language, or the nationality, the love for the sport and admiration for each other’s talent remains universal.

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