Tilak Varma’s initiation into the international cricket arena has been nothing short of exceptional. In India’s ongoing T20I series against the West Indies, he has consistently demonstrated his prowess by securing scores of 39, 51, and an unbeaten 49. This impressive performance not only underscores his remarkable talent on the grand stage but also cements his stature as a standout performer in the Indian Premier League (IPL) over the last two seasons. Amidst the team’s inconsistent batting displays, Tilak has emerged as the solitary positive force, compelling the Indian cricket community to reassess their strategies for the forthcoming ODI World Cup.

Given the proximity of the World Cup, it’s improbable that the selection committee, led by Ajit Agarkar, will make any radical decisions. Nonetheless, influential Indian cricket veterans, including Ravichandran Ashwin, have urged the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to seriously consider Tilak as a viable contender. Amidst the cacophony of opinions, India’s skipper, Rohit Sharma, has finally broken his silence.

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Tilak made his debut for the Mumbai Indians in 2022 under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. Since then, he has not only cemented his position in the middle order of the Mumbai Indians but has also garnered the endorsement of cricket pundits who believed he deserved a place in the Indian national team.

In July, he was chosen for the Indian T20I squad for the West Indies tour as well as the Asian Games contingent. He marked his debut in the opening match of the series, impressing with a remarkable knock of 39 off 25 balls. He further solidified his presence with his inaugural international half-century in the subsequent game. Regrettably, he narrowly missed achieving a consecutive fifty as he remained unbeaten at 49 in the third T20I.

Amidst India’s topsy-turvy run in the T20I series, this player’s exceptional batting performances have set him apart. However, it’s not just his batting prowess that has caught the attention of veteran cricketers. Equally striking is his adeptness at assessing game situations and displaying maturity in managing various match scenarios. Consequently, a multitude of voices have advocated for his inclusion in the Indian World Cup squad for the impending 50-over tournament.

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While Rohit, the seasoned campaigner, has chosen not to reveal his specific World Cup strategy, he has showered accolades upon the young prodigy.

“He exudes tremendous promise. Having observed him for two years now, his hunger is palpable, and that’s pivotal,” praised Rohit. “For his age, he displays remarkable maturity. His comprehension of his batting is profound. Our conversations reveal his acute understanding of his batting – where to strike, how to navigate that period.

“That encapsulates my commentary on him. I can’t speak about the World Cup and such, but undoubtedly, the lad possesses talent, and he’s demonstrated it in these limited games he’s represented India in,” he added.